Italian Charm Bracelets

   Traditional charm bracelets had small cast metal charms dangling from a chain bracelet. An Italian company in the late 1980's got the idea to make a bracelet out of modular links that could easily be disconnected and exchanged with other links. Many credit European soccer players and fans for the initial wave of popularity of Italian charm bracelets. But when Italian charm bracelets became fashionable in America they became a standard jewelry item. Italian charm bracelets also are a favorite for young girls because they can trade and mix links with their friends.
   Because links can be easily added and removed from the Italian charm bracelet, Italian charms have become the center piece of personalized jewelry. As a persons interest change, their Italian charms change too. For example, your getting a new cat, you may what to add a kitten link to your Italian charm bracelet. Or its Halloween time, you may add a pumpkin link to your Italian charm bracelet. Italian charms are about fun, and most importantly, about you! Italian Charms and Italian Charm Bracelets  Links  Privacy Sitemap